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Day 6 – into Bilbao

I leave the comfort of the ferry and have to pretend to be a car to clear the port. Bilbao is 12 miles inland and it’s a grim walk through a depressed industrial landscape. The good news is that I’m passing pilgrims walking the northern coastal route to Santiago who all greet me like an old friend with much hand shaking, hugging and waving of staffs. I’m tempted to turn around and join them but I have several more days heading in the wrong direction. 

Bilbao is a lovely old town. Currently watching Man City v Real Madrid in a bar, these locals don’t seem to like either side. 

3 comments on “Day 6 – into Bilbao

  1. Hope it’s warmer than here!

  2. Jane and Jules next door

    Great to read you have made it to Spain. Jules is most offended not to be mentioned in your blog & was very tired after a mere 14 miles along the Wey last Thursday. Lucy says hello.

    • Haha it’s 15 miles for a mention. But here’s a belated mention to you Jane for bringing the lovely picnic down to the river. Hello Lucy and Daniel. But Julian, when you have recovered, I would welcome more of your company climbing the mountains of Leon.

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