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Day 10 – Deba by the Seaside 

A pleasant walk today, down from the Basque hills to the coast. So far I have escaped the rain. My trusty app saved me from ordering an octopus for lunch. 

The police had a rough looking road block as I left town this morning with rifles ready for any driver failing an alcohol test. Reminded me of the old Franco days. 

alcohol road block
beware pilgrims…
narrow guage railway winding through the Basque hills to the coast

4 comments on “Day 10 – Deba by the Seaside 

  1. Have you figured out how we can track you on the app yet Tim? Assuming you are actually walking round and not just laying on a beach somewhere posting pics from the Internet. …

    • Or hopping off the bus occasionally. I’m using Google for navigation because it can work out routes unlike Viewranger. But Google can’t track progress. All my photos come from the iPhone so no cheating on that. So far I’ve walked every foot of the way.

  2. Octopus is delicious, especially fried.

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