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Day 38 – Mansilla and the Mules

Sounds more like a band but it’s my latest town on the approach to Leon. I suspect the Kings of Leon would have enjoyed less success as Mansilla and the Mules. 

The big talking point of recent days is the challenge of finding a bed. The municipal hostels do not take bookings but the private hostels can be reserved. Except it’s a bit hit and miss.  My slow walking Romanian friend always books ahead and was let down last night and had to sleep in a freezing caravan. All the hostels are under pressure due to the extraordinary and very late designation of 2016 as a Year of Mercy. Holy years occur every 25 years and always swell pilgrim numbers because the Church awards a plenary indulgence with every Compostela. So unless you particularly need all your sins wiped, it’s best to avoid Holy Years and the next one is some years away. But this Year of Mercy is like a gift wrapped Holy Year. It’s only the third one to be designated in 700 years. So the impact is massive, particularly in the last 100 Kms, which is all that is required to get the whole package. The hostels can’t cope and are turning people away once the floor space is taken. So I’ve decided to do my bit to relieve the pressure by seeking out 5 star alternatives where possible, starting tomorrow. 

Anyway, pour the San Miguel. Will it be Real or Atletico Madrid?

5 comments on “Day 38 – Mansilla and the Mules

  1. Glad you’re not afraid to slum it when necessary! It all sounds a real adventure.

    • If you want a preview of tomorrow’s accommodation in 12th century pilgrim’s hospital

  2. And later HQ for the Knights Templar, see the blog’s cover photo

  3. Hi there Tim,

    I’ve caught up with you again having read through the blogs. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a bit of TLC in comfy digs after all you travels. Enjoy!

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