Day 52 – The Final 100 Kms 

A large number of new pilgrims have joined the Camino today. The days of solitude among the hills and wheat fields have been replaced with crowds of happy and energetic people of all ages and shapes. I especially like seeing the families with young children and teenagers in their colourful trainers heading out on a great adventure. One day they may return for the whole pilgrimage.

I walked with SG and DJ and as we talked we became aware of bagpipes playing ahead and a Spanish guitar behind. It was another memorable Camino moment as the 2 instruments merged and then played together.

SG and DJ stayed in a beautiful rural Albergue with views over the rolling hills (think Devon) and excellent food while I continued to my Albergue in Portomarin (think Catford council house). But I have to keep to my plan.

Right now I’m eating grilled monkfish served with fried crisps. Can anyone tell me why Spanish cuisine is the worst in the world? I’ve been told to eat Octopus in a couple of days in Melide and hopefully that will settle the octopus debate.

100 Km stone
nice going for the new pilgrims with pink trainers

Galician landscape
Duelling bagpipes

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