Day 54 – 1000 Kms out

Today I walked through the 1000 kilometres point on my Camino. And after 2 really dreadful stops I am now in a beautiful rural hostel with a magnificent view over the hills of Galicia. The Camino has a final challenge this week as the path climbs and falls steeply between river valleys. But none of that matters anymore because Santiago de Compostela is just 40 Kms away.

My four Canadian friends with whom I’ve shared so many good times arrived in Santiago yesterday and have sent me pics of their celebrations which look in keeping with my memories of them. They will depart just before I arrive. Others have been and gone. But some will be there later this week and hopefully we’ll meet there. susangilbert.com arrives tomorrow, DJ on Thursday and SG on Friday. And Mr Brazil will inevitably be there.  H is ahead of me too. And who knows who else?

I really feel for the pink trainer people who are hobbling just like I was on Day 3. Today started with a lot of rain but the weather has improved and the sun is now shining.

And so to octopus. I stopped at a famous traditional octopus restaurant (Pulperia) in Melide called Ezequiel to sample the best spiced Octopus in wine served on wooden platters with a glass of white Ribeiro wine. I give it naught out of 10. I was close to throwing it up outside. Fortunately there was a fruit shop nearby where I bought a banana, peach and a bag of cherries. I ate them with a green tea in a cafe to recover.

octopus garden
octopus kitchen
dinner tonight with football and views. no messing around

4 comments on “Day 54 – 1000 Kms out

  1. Julian

    Hello Tim,

    You’re lucky the octopus wasn’t swimming in its ink. You wouldn’t have thrown it up; it would have had an explosive effect at the other end.


  2. The octopus I remember as being very yummy was deep fried.

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