Day 27 – Baron for a night

C and I shared the Chateau last night with a German couple walking the Camino in stages. There were tourists staying as well but they were in self catering accommodation. So at 8pm a large plastic table was laid for dinner on the grand terrace and we ate another fine dinner of goats cheese salad, salmon in dill sauce with tagliatelle and some tart and ice cream. They had to speak English for my benefit. As the sun set, the nearby nuclear power station put out thick dark smoke which drifted in our direction.

It was a warm humid evening but the weather changed overnight and today was cool and wet. We had a modest 24 Km ahead of us passing through several villages so I chose not to buy lunch from the baker but to find something along the way.

We walked through fields of wheat and sunflowers, onions and other things plus several cherry orchards. I feel uncomfortable helping myself to a farmer’s crop but there is nothing like picking a few ripe cherries. My conscience was eased when I noticed a self service stall by the path with bags of cherries and portions of cherry tart for sale. I donated 1 Euro for a slice of tart and picked a few cherries from a tree.

The best we could find for lunch was a chap selling stale sandwiches from a garden shed. But we had to stop there because the rain was lashing down.

I’m staying in another chambre d’hote today. After the Chateau, C was happy to trust my judgement but we have been brought down to earth. The house looks like the BBC show “Steptoe and Son”. A work in progress.

The couple with the donkey which distracted us yesterday are staying here too. They are also Swiss. The donkey is making a lot of noise. The church is right outside my window and when its bell strikes, the house shakes. I’m not looking forward to turning in.

The circular market hall in Auvillar, 1830

C captured picking cherries

The church in Castet-Arrouy, by my window
Tonight’s chambre d’hote in Castet-Arrouy

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