Day 30 – what’s the one thing you can’t seem to find in Condom?

Last night’s school gite was a good experience. We took an Australian lady called M to dinner. She had only just arrived from home and was completely jet lagged. We helped her throw away a lot of her belongings including a big bag of Australian nuts weighing 350g. You can pick walnuts all along the Camino.

M is my age and is an actress and producer. She flies to France every year to walk another stage of the Via Podiensis. So for dinner we had another warm sheeps cheese salad, Fish and ice cream. It seemed silly to order half a litre of white wine for 6 Euros when a litre was only 9 Euros. So we went for the litre and, to be honest, it wasn’t quite enough.

I’ve learnt from experience to choose a bed as far from C as possible. Last night he excelled himself by suddenly, in the middle of the night, shouting out in German while thrashing around in his sleeping bag. The whole room woke with a start thinking WW3 had started. This morning I asked him if he slept well and he said he’d woken a few times. I thought it best not to mention the war.

We left M in a state of jet lag and walked the UNESCO way into Condom. C had used the last of his shower gel but the local supermarket only sold giant bottles and he thought he could buy a small tube in a pharmacy. But we couldn’t find a pharmacy anywhere. In the end we had to enquire in the tourist office and they directed us down to the river at the edge of town. But he didn’t have much luck and had to settle for a 200 ml tube at 5 times the price of the supermarket. While he was trying to sort out his shower gel options I was drawn to examine the small display of contraceptives, wondering if there might be some local brand. But no, not in a Catholic country. You can’t even find Condom chocs or rock. I think they could make more effort. Condom rock would be a big hit.

On the way into Condom

The GR65 wrong way sign

F the pilgrim ghost. I meet him every day and we give each other a warm greeting
The GR65 turn left sign

Is it going to rain today?
The GR65 turn right sign

The GR65 straight on sign

An Armagnac distillery in Condom

6 comments on “Day 30 – what’s the one thing you can’t seem to find in Condom?

  1. I assume you are staying in a condominium tonight? That’s where you all share it I think?

  2. DJ King

    No condoms or condominiums in Condom. How odd. 🙂

    • There is lots of Armagnac in Condom. Perhaps that explains it. I am starting to think about the Pyrenees and I think you can give me plenty of advice when the time comes.

  3. Peter Mastenko

    Enjoying your daily ‘highlights’ diary. Today’s is particularly amusing. Do you get homesick? I’ve never been 30 days away from home. The longest leave stretch I’ve taken since starting work in 1979 was 3 weeks.

    • Thank you Peter. I’m looking forward to hearing about your 999 bike ride. The Camino is a home away from home in many ways. It has been that way for centuries. I will be home for Wimbledon

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