Day 36 – to Pimbo

My day began at 3am when one of the pilgrims fell out of bed; fortunately not from the top bunk but pride was damaged. I went to the loo and then A in the next bed went to the loo and that seemed to set off the rest of the gite. Then somebody decided to make an early start at 5am which is common in Spain but unheard of in France. I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Today is the start of 5 consecutive long days of almost 30Km per day and then a gentle 20Km into Saint Jean PdP on Saturday. It’s like a motorway compared to the landscape already covered. Mostly little tarmac roads running dead straight and level through huge cornfields. No more vineyards; no more Armagnac. I walked with A from the next bed and we maintained a good pace.

We stopped in a picturesque village for coffee and to buy lunch. There was just one village shop run by a very old lady. I suspect she was doing it for fun rather than as a business. She was probably beyond making sandwiches but sold me a length of bread, a packet of ham and a portion of cheese. It was self service after that but she did pop into her kitchen to provide us with some of her mustard. And we persuaded her to make us both a cup of coffee.

We joined a few more pilgrims along the way for a picnic.

Here I am in Pimbo. It’s a little bit hilly so we have some views. The gite is ok but it lacks a Madame to look after us. Dinner will be a frozen offering in the local bar. But there are some familiar faces and, making a reappearance, the Swiss couple with the donkey. He is in the garden eating a huge wheelbarrow full of hay. He has an infected nose which has attracted hundreds of flies which he cannot seem to shake off. I hate to see him suffer but at least the house is clear of flies.

Various farm animals
Today’s walk

Undesirable residence
A in the village shop

Pilgrims in Pimbo
Tonight’s gite in Pimbo

Anyone recognise this fruit?

The 10th century church in Pimbo

6 comments on “Day 36 – to Pimbo

  1. You should be kind and offer the unidentified fruit to the other pilgrims first. If they survive, you can have some too…

    • Sadly they’re not quite ripe. The flower must be a clue for somebody?

  2. DJ King

    I got quite a chuckle from this post. You spoke of meeting up with the Swiss pilgrims with the donkey. When you said “he” is in the garden eating a wheelbarrow of hay, I had a picture of the husband!!! 🙂

    • I remember from last time the donkey is a he in the morning !!!

  3. Passion fruit, or was it a rhetorical question?

    • Not at all rhetorical. Let’s call it correct. Tea on me at the Eclipse

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