Day 39 – Roads, Woods and the Basque Country

The Monsieur at last night’s gite announced the menu just before dinner. The main course was duck. Duck makes me sick. I asked him if he could cook me an omelette and he duly obliged and I enjoyed it. I then performed my pilgrim duties and dealt with P’s blisters. I might just as well have eaten the duck. Anyway P was so thrilled that he joined Fr, N, E (a new German) and me on the walk to Lichos today. And we collected Co (the pilgrim who fell out of bed) along the way to make a formidable group.

Everyone made an early start today but the weather relented; we enjoyed mild temperatures and a fine mist of rain all day. Perfect weather but the heatwave is forecast to return tomorrow.

We stopped in Navarrenx for a coffee at a smart cafe which was heavily branded with Camino images and pilgrim menus. However the welcome was mediocre. So we left town and continued along the roads and into more woods and the Basque Country. It was another 29Km walk but we were rewarded by our first sighting of the distant Pyrenees.  St Jean PdP is now just 50Km away. We’ll walk another 30Km tomorrow (Friday) and I’m staying on a farm where I’ll be reunited with C, my walking companion for the days until Condom. If everything works out, I should be able to lead quite a sizeable group into SJPDP on Saturday, rather like Charlemagne. Except my boots are disintegrating and my pack is falling apart.

Jolly butcher shows no mercy in Navarrenx

Exiting Navarrenx

Fr and me picnic lunch deep in the woods
New fruit trees have been planted for the benefit of future pilgrims

Liver pate for sale and a hopeful beneficiary

5 comments on “Day 39 – Roads, Woods and the Basque Country

  1. Hope your boots hold out, barefoot over the Pyrenees might be a bit too pilgrim like

  2. Oh and Mac says you can bring him some liver pate

  3. Will you get a sun tan like Fr before you conclude? He must have been walking for months.

    • I have a sufficiently tanned torso but it’s not too clear in the pic

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