Day 16 – On The Farm

There is nothing quite like a rest day on the Pilgrimage. It’s a chance for the body to recover and repair itself and for washing clothes and general reorganisation. We are so lucky to be staying in the beautiful home of Claude and Marie whom we first met last year on the Via Podiensis and we have been walking together since Canterbury. They live on a small farm with 7 geese, 7 hens, a cat and 2 horses. And lots of vegetables.

I love the farm life but I would be a total disaster if I had to live on a farm. Apart from not knowing what to do with animals there is the challenge of peculiar machinery and water management. There is a deep river at the bottom of the paddock and recently one of the horses fell into it. I don’t know what I would have done but somehow Claude saved the animal. His glasses are still on the river bed.

We have been treated like pilgrims. The best Burgundy wines, the finest foods from the farm, the best French cheese and bread and NOK cream for my feet to prevent blisters. A big metci beaucoup to Claude & Marie for walking with us and for the generous hospitality and the care for my broken feet which are now on the road to recovery. I think we are fit for the march over the next few days to Arras.

7 comments on “Day 16 – On The Farm

  1. Oooooh i love a good tractor i do 😁😁😁

  2. Roger Clarkson

    Bit Sgt. Pepper’s ish ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ ‘Fixing A Hole’ (in your foot) and ‘Getting Better’. That album was released 51 years ago – doesn’t time fly.

  3. Margot Knight

    Great finish !! Tim I start conditioning my feet daily with NOK 2 weeks before I start the walk then daily on the walk. I haven’t had a single problem in 1000 kilometres. Feet always impeccable in all conditions. It’s miracle stuff and you will be fine from here on all the way to Rome. The farm looks divine.

    • Hi Margot you’re right and I plan to make up for all the cream I should have bought before. I’ll be happier when the new skin grows. Keep your fingers crossed for me

  4. John Shuttleworth

    Farm looks idyllic. I’m sure you could convert from city slicker to country bumpkin without too much pain.

    • Hi John I always think of you when I see chickens. We had delicious scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast

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