Day 42 – Pontarlia and the Buffalo Grill

5am alarm again and we managed to persuade the lady in the boulangerie to sell us a croissant. At first she asked us to return at 6.30 when the store opened because she was busy loading the shelves with bread and pastries. But she relented and even agreed to sell us a coffee providing we took it away.

We had another excellent day’s walk, even better than yesterday. Initially we followed the Doubs river from Ornans to Lods where we stopped for another breakfast. Our climb into the Jura started. Now we followed the Loue past cascading waterfalls to its source. It was a lovely woodland walk for a Sunday morning. In the last village before the wilds I bought a lump of dough in the grocer shop which I ate along the way. What was the likelihood of a restaurant at the source?

The source was impressive. A powerful river poured out of the rock and tumbled down the valley. And of course, there beside it was a restaurant serving huge amounts of salad etc. I had already eaten my dough so had to miss out.

The day’s walk was 42km (far too much) but it got us to Pontarlia, the last town before Switzerland. We are staying in the ever dependable Ibis hotel on the edge of town. It’s cheap and close to a Buffalo Grill where we dined American style. French restaurants do not open on Sunday evenings but Buffalo Grill does and it was packed. It must be easy for an overseas restaurant chain to make money in France on a Sunday evening.

The cinema in Ornans and our hotel

Ornans this morning

Our early morning walk along the Doubs river

Then the walk to the source of the Loue was stunning…

8 comments on “Day 42 – Pontarlia and the Buffalo Grill

  1. Fab scenery Tim!! Lucky you 👍

    • It really is fabulous now that we are in the mountains and hopefully we’ve got a lot of really great scenery to come

  2. Regina O'Shea

    42km!! Mad! Don’t eat any more dough Tim, it’s giving you too much energy😀

    • Totally mad. I can’t imagine what state I’ll be in when I get home after all this

  3. Roger Clarkson

    Are you full of buffalo? You seem to be enjoying the trip more, now look for one of those mountain cats to photo.

    • I’m certainly full of buffalo. There’s nothing like a good dinner to set you up for the next day

  4. Hello Tim and Paul
    How are you after 42 days along the way?
    We hope that all is good for you ( good feet for Tim and fresh bier for Paul.
    If Paul found a lion we think that you are in Africa .!!!!!
    i received my new shooes for the camino ( keens of course very confortable)
    When do you arrive in alpes ?
    We think will of you
    Marie and Claude

    • Hi Marie & Claude, great to hear from you and hope you can join us for more walking. We resume next week and I think it will take perhaps 10 days to get up the Pass. We let you know our plan when we have one. Tim

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