Day 95 – Today La Storta, Tomorrow Rome

Campagnano di Roma celebrated the feast of its patron saint, John the Baptist long into the night. The bishop led the procession, a dozen men carried a statue of the saint high above their heads and the marching bands followed. The town centre was decorated with decorative street lighting and people thronged the streets tempted by sizzling street food. Older ladies sat in plastic chairs chatting to their neighbours, younger ladies were dressed up in enticing clothes in anticipation and men were doing whatever men do. And of course children were running wild.

In the square a stage was erected for bands who would play the night away. Long after I was asleep a mass of fireworks lit up the sky and the celebrations continued into the small hours.

We walked to La Storta today, a mere 24km. La Storta is the final stop on the Via Francigena before Rome and for weeks I’ve foolishly imagined a charming village with a staging post and lots of pilgrims milling around. Of course that vision is far from the reality of this grim outer suburb of Rome. We booked a hotel just beyond the centre and edged our way down the busy road to reach it.

D, who has walked from Canterbury but who we only met last night, is also staying here. It was nice to share some dinner with him and hear more about his pilgrimage. We have only been a day or two apart and I will arrange to meet him in Rome over the next few days.

Tomorrow we will continue down that road to The Vatican. It’s only about 17km from here so all being well we’ll be there mid morning.

Cheese stall in last night’s celebration

No one really knows the distance to Canterbury

Welcome to La Storta

17 comments on “Day 95 – Today La Storta, Tomorrow Rome

  1. Philippa Thomas

    Ah yes, the rubbish! And not always in bins … luckily I have almost forgotten those blots on the landscape. Very pretty cat!

    • The rubbish is terrible. I think the problem could be solved if the Italians made a little effort

  2. So nearly there Dad!!! So proud of you!!

    • Thanks Sophie, looking forward to hearing all about your trip next week

  3. Yay! Go Tim. Enjoy your final day. What an amazing achievement!

  4. Il Papa just tweeted he is looking forward to greeting you tomorrow chaps!

  5. Peter Mastenko

    Well done to you both & enjoy Rome!

  6. L’ultimo Giorno! Can you believe you made it this far? Is Il Papa still in Ireland? If you aren’t “churched out” you will be in hog heaven in the center of Rome. There’s one on every corner. And many have famous paintings inconspicuously hung in dark alcoves. Caravaggio. Michelangelo. Brunelleschi. Yup, worth the walk. 🙂

    • Hi DJ I’m lucky to be stuck in Rome for a few days. No danger of getting bored. It’s incredible to think that we got here just by walking from home. Tim

  7. Isabelle

    What a performance ! I am very impressed. You have finally disciplined your feet … considering the beginning of your pilgrimage, it was not so obvious.
    As many other readers, silent or not, I will miss your blog and your humor in every circonstances.
    Enjoy your last miles and your stay in Rome.

    • Thank you Isabelle. My feet are still very happy since week 3! It’s good to be in Rome

  8. Huguette

    Fantastic it ‘s a fantastic adventure.
    Thanks for your lands and cats ‘pictures. I enjoy your comments
    Bon séjour à Rome.

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