Day 12 – Ocean view

Life couldn’t be better. The mighty Pacific Ocean pounding the shore, endless beautiful beaches and a surfers heaven. Great big waves every minute. I wonder why it’s not been developed? Apart from the occasional WC it’s unchanged in 10 million years, apart from the huge sea walls against tsunami.

Shikoku has a history of typhoon and tsunami. Just last year much destruction took place. When a tsunami arrives you don’t want to be anywhere near the coast. There are notices everywhere pointing to escape routes or refuge structures and specifying your current height above sea level.

In case you don’t know I’m currently making my way down the long south east peninsula. I set off at 7.00 and finally had the chance to make a solid day’s walk without temples. It was amazing. I forgot I was in Japan. Where is everyone? Apart from the occasional vehicle I was alone. I passed through a few fishing villages where the fishermen were repairing their giant nets. It was like Benidorm in the 1950s.

After 31Km I arrived at my lodging. I was shown to a caravan perched on some bricks. It was 4pm so it was this or nothing. I chose nothing and walked on. Cape Muroto at the tip of the peninsula is only 6 Km or 1.5hrs away but after 3Km I came to another run down hotel and checked in. At least it’s a proper hotel.

My room is 309 which gave me a comfortable feeling but it’s actually the 1st floor. I have a magnificent sea view, the Pacific is crashing onto the rocks just outside my window. And the chef is on one of those rocks hoping to catch my dinner.

Fishermen repairing their nets
Tsunami refuge
Fishing fleet

My ocean view

5 comments on “Day 12 – Ocean view

  1. Hi Tim sounds and looks like a glorious days walking. I love those rest areas ! and there is something special about being alone with the sea. Good walking- David

    • Hi David the rest areas are lovely and so are the convenience stores. You had a wonderful day in Turkey. I love reading your blog and I’m looking forward to your crossing of the Anatolian mountains. I don’t know it but I’ve seen a couple of films set there “Winters Sleep” and “Once upon a time in Anatolia”. Recommended for when you get back and we must meet to exchange news. I’m so interested in your pilgrimage

  2. Sounds like an amazing walk today. No picture of the caravan?

  3. You remind me of “stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
    He star’d at the Pacific”—
    Though not upon a peak in Darien but a similar sentiment maybe.

    I love waking up to these blog posts Tim and reading them over a cup of English tea in the mountains of Spain.

    Until your return,
    Buen Camino

    • Ha I can just see you. Are you a fully committed expat or do you have work? I will walk down to visit you one day

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