Day 16 – Kochi City

I marched across rice paddies visiting temples 29 and 30 today. On the way I caught up with a large group of Japanese pilgrims. From the distance it looked like a school trip but when I reached them I realized they had been in the same year as me. The best thing about this 88 Temple pilgrimage is the constant reminder that one is on a pilgrimage. You don’t have long to wait at even the most remote temple before some pilgrims arrive to pray.

Temple 30 was a bit odd because it stands opposite a large Shinto shrine. You have to know which one is which.

After that I was soon on the outskirts of Kochi city. Tomorrow is my rest day and I have 2 nights booked at the elegant Orient hotel, total price £88. Finding somewhere for a rest day on this pilgrimage is tricky because the pilgrim inns expect you to leave by 7am and so you have to keep walking whether you like it or not. Having walked 325km and nailed a third of the temples I will enjoy a day off, even though I will have to get up early to see the famous Kochi market which takes place every Sunday. All manner of things are cooked and sold and there is a Starbucks in the thick of it.

A lovely night at Yuan
Walking through rice paddies this morning

Temple 29

I do love these pilgrim rest huts.

10 comments on “Day 16 – Kochi City

  1. Philippa

    Those red and orange flowers look glorious Tim – what are they?

    • I’m not sure, there was a long mass of them. Japanese marigolds!

      • Philippa

        Thanks Tim, and Calum, I did not know that this gorgeous golden colour existed (have seen only pink, purple & while) but they have their very own Wikipedia page which says (in part) “It is especially popular in Korea and Japan, where it is often seen in mass plantings along roadsides, following an initiative pursued by the Korean-Japanese botanist Woo Jang-choon”. I’m going to see if I can get them here!

      • Hi Philippa that’s very interesting. I’ll watch out for some more

  2. Wild cosmos I think… often just one colour. Great, I thought as you started your pilgrimage… mad B-in-L going of to photograph cats again, but sadly not a whisker 😦

    • Thanks Calum I think you’re right. There are one or two cats here but not many.

  3. What a great daily read and so interesting. Enjoy your rest day

    • Thanks Lucy I love a rest day, being able to stay for 2 nights is very relaxing.

  4. The pilgrims rest huts seem to be abundant and lovely. Wouldn’t it be good to have those on the Via Francigena

    • It certainly would. I’ll investigate the story behind them.

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