Day 50 – All the way back to Temple 6

Sorry for losing your comments yesterday. Something got switched off by mistake.

This is a very weird feeling, reaching Temple 88 and then walking on for two more days back to Temple 1. You no longer feel part of the pilgrimage but there is a space in the stamp book for the closing stamp so we have to walk the 41Km. But the good news is that I’m staying in Temple 6 tonight. I met a few people who stayed here on the way out and they said it was a very good experience, particularly the evening service. Blanca said she tried to stay here before but it was fully booked so now we have the chance to see what it’s all about.

We stayed in the Shirotori Onsen last night with Silvie and Ryan from France, drank enough beer and had a relaxing evening. This morning Blanca and I set off on our 9th and final day of walking together. Tomorrow will be the last day of the pilgrimage and I’ve always walked the final day alone. Most people need that time to reflect on the journey and to prepare for whatever is coming next. It’s always an empty feeling finishing a pilgrimage, rather like leaving school for the last time.

When we set off this morning there was a distinct nip in the air. The sun was shining brightly and we soon warmed up. There was one more trail through the woods and then we were dumped onto the road heading south to the first ten temples. So we finished today by walking back from Temple 10 to Temple 6.

I think that’s enough for today. I’ll report on the evening service tomorrow.

Today’s walk started with a pretty woodland trail

One last rest hut

16 comments on “Day 50 – All the way back to Temple 6

  1. Are you allowed to say there was a nip in the air whilst in Japan? Anyway, congratulations on yet another amazing pilgrimage adventure and for keeping us all entertained during these dark days back home. You will be delighted to know we even postponed Brexit for you as you had missed out so much of the fun!

    • Thanks Mike, I’m glad to be back in time for the election. Wouldn’t want to miss all that fun. Let’s catch up when I’m back. You can update me on Brexit and I’ll tell you about each of the temples and we’ll see who falls asleep first.

  2. Legendary trip Tim and it has been a joy to follow you. Congratulations and I promise I will make more of an effort to come and see you when I am back next. Have a wonderful final day. I know that hollow feeling that descends upon completion of a Pilgrimage. Buen Camino.

    • Hi Torin, thanks and please do come visit soon. Hollow feeling is right.

  3. Congratulations and well done on completing another pilgrimage. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily events and the amazing pictures.

  4. Congrats Tim on finishing this wonderful adventure. I’m totally inspired to walk it next year, thanks to you. I look forward to chatting.

  5. David Jury

    Congratulations and well done Tim – Have a safe journey home

  6. Wonderful blog Tim. Very well done on completing it! You are an inspiration. I cannot wait to get started on the Via Francigena in April, and who knows, one day I may get to do this beautiful trip too.

    • Thanks Jenny and best wishes for your VF. I’m happy to help you with your pilgrimage, just ask…

  7. Deirdre Birks

    Oh well done Tim.We have os enjoyed your blog.
    Best wishes
    Dick & Deirdre

    • Hi Deirdre & Dick. Thanks for reading again and glad you enjoyed it

  8. Rachel Birks

    It has been so interesting Tim reading all your blogs; I have always fancied visiting Japan and your daily accounts plus spectacular photos have given us a real sense of what Japan can offer…must feel like a tremendous achievement.
    Regards Rachel

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