Day 15 – This Staffordshire Way is keeping quiet

Rugeley to Uttoxeter

Last time, when it asked me to upgrade to a meal I said no. But this morning I was feeling frivolous and pressed Yes to see what would happen. It was like winning the Jackpot in Las Vegas. I got a little bag of apple slices and grapes with my McCoffee and Egg McMuffin. And all for £1.99 because it’s Monday again. Also, no free virus. Unlike the pubs, McDonalds goes to great lengths to keep everything clean. It’s more like an ICU than a burger joint. If you have the good fortune to marry a former McDonalds employee you will be blessed with a spotless kitchen and they will be satisfied with the occasional star ⭐️ in recognition of their endeavors.

The other good thing about McDonalds is they open at 6am so you don’t have to walk until midday before getting breakfast.

Today was my easiest day so far. A mere 17km over the rolling Staffordshire hills. There was a hint of late summer about the weather. It was fresh and cool. No rain. I saw the lush pastures. They make great photos and are pleasing to the eye but they’re not so good for walking. The grass is long and wet and the farmer doesn’t clean up afterwards. Then when you consider the inefficiency of this type of food production you have to wonder whether we’ll see this landscape by 2050.

There were no walkers out today. I rested for a few minutes in the only village, a place called Abbots Bromley, but there was no cafe or anything open.

So what can we make of this Staffordshire Way? It kept quiet all day so I’m just as baffled as you were last week.

St Mary the Virgin in Colton

Abbots Bromley village centre

See the Staffordshire Way

8 comments on “Day 15 – This Staffordshire Way is keeping quiet

  1. a6bi2i

    “The farmer doesn’t clean up afterwards”??? I don’t know you well enough to know if you’re being funny!

    • I think if dog owners have to clean up afterwards, oh come on! Anyway it’s not funny when you put your foot in it.

  2. Love the photo’s Tim. The Staffordshire Way looks beautiful. You never know, maybe it’s a walk my husband and I will attempt after the VF.

    • Hi Jenny, it’s just what you’ll feel like after the VF. It’s a nice part of the country.

  3. Philippa

    Beautiful. It looks very green for late summer. And peaceful. Is Monday a day off for cafes even in best-kept villages?

    • Hi Philippa it’s always green and wet in this part of the country. Unfortunately not all villages have a cafe. Pubs are marked on maps and provide everything the walker could want, usually from 11am

  4. Tassie Kaz

    Tim, now you’ve been on the trail a fortnight, would you mind giving a rough indication ( or just a £ range) of your daily expenses amount? I know your blog is not a guidebook but as a number of your followers have stated they’d like to walk the paths it would be interesting to know…esp for those of us outside the UK with abysmal exchange rates! Understand if you’d rather not divulge or you could email me if you’d prefer. 😊 Good luck avoiding the cow pat splat!

    • I’ve got no idea but I’ll let you know afterwards. The UK is not a cheap place for walking. Chain hotels like Premier Inn can be cheap when booked in advance. Ordinarily youth hostels are cheapest.

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