Day 39 – Up On The Cheviots

Byrness to Windy Gyle

What weather!! We’ve been blessed with another fine day today. When I was fighting my way through the storms of August I feared for the conditions I might face on the Cheviots. Rain, wind, fog etc. I never dreamed it would be sunshine, big blue skies and warmth. The moors today looked so beautiful. Every shade of green and the last of the heather flowers. During the day we passed backwards and forwards between England and Scotland.

Once again, I had a happy day walking with my two new Danish friends, Troels and his 82 year old father Bent who both live in England. They are walking the Pennine Way to raise money for their charity which helps children with additional needs. I asked Bent what he will do when he gets home, a little rest perhaps? No, he’ll be back at work on Monday. He has a company which makes nutritional supplements and judging by the speed with which he climbs these hills, I suspect he must be the biggest customer. Bent lives in Northumberland and he says he can’t remember a day like this on the Cheviots.

We were also joined by Richard and Georgie once again and some new supporters, Phil, Anne and Patrick. It’s good to have experienced these moors alone but it’s better to share them with fellow walkers.

I think the Government must have seen yesterday’s blog because they have introduced draconian measures for Northumberland banning more than one household from meeting or walking on the moors. It looks like I might just make it through to Monday before it all kicks off again.

The border fence, Scotland on the left
The Cheviot Hills

7 comments on “Day 39 – Up On The Cheviots

  1. Vicky Williamson

    Kia ora, Tim, What a happy bunch of trampers you’ve collected. Yes, it’s great to share these walks but being alone, self-absorbed and relying on one’s own skills is also wonderful. Those Cheviot Hills would be considered undulating countryside in NZ – downlands, if you like, rather than uplands of the foothills of the mountains. I’m going to miss your daily blogs when you’ve finished this walk so I hope that you have another planned – perhaps bagging a few Munros while you’re in the area!? Kia kaha, Vicky

  2. No sheep? In fact not much of anything from the look of it. But never fear, I hear a fresh bunch of southerners have been spotted heading in your direction…

  3. Philippa

    Great photos Tim! Are those wilding pines in Scotland-on-the-left? They cause great angst here in NZ …

    • Hi Philippa, no they’re not wilding pines. They’re plantations. There’s always an argument about land use in these upland areas. I don’t like forestry plantations because they are so dead inside

  4. Linda s

    A wonderful day for you and so glad the st Cuthbert crew got a taste of Scottish sunshine too after a dull start – best wishes for tonight’s reunion celebration !

  5. Goodness Tim, , those hills are absolutely amazing! So stunning, the Cheviot Hills are something else…..love them.

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