Day 7 – first train to Dumfries

A rest day in Sanquhar

Lowa has responded to my plight of drenched feet in their nearly new boots. They were shocked, saddened and more than a little embarrassed but they swung into action. Their experts and management team cleared their desks to deal with my problem, which is quite possibly a failure of the Goretex lining. Please return them to the retailer for inspection.

By then I’d taken decisive action and the train to Dumfries. There was only one boot shop: Mountain Warehouse. They don’t sell branded goods, just functional gear at low prices. I bought the best compromise between waterproof and no breaking in. We’ll find out soon enough whether that was a good idea.

I had sufficient time in Sanquhar, while waiting for the train, to visit the museum and inspect the famous knitted gloves.

The Sanquhar museum in the Tollbooth, designed by William Adam (of the famous Adam family) in 1731. His brief was presumably to thwart 21st century traffic.
The Dumfries Wetherspoons pub
This shop in Sanquhar caught my eye. I’ll be banging on the door with new boot syndrome

10 comments on “Day 7 – first train to Dumfries

  1. Ah, so there was a walking boot shop somewhere through that arch. Hope your new boots do the trick. I would alternate old boots (when it is dry) and new boots to help your feet become accustomed.

    • Yes! A magic arch. I was thinking about alternating the boots or even just using the Lowa boots while dry. But that’s a little like waiting for a wet day in the Sahara!

      • a6bi2i

        The only time I was in the Sahara it did rain

      • Yes, Mary and you get the occasional dry day in Scotland!

  2. Glad I got to see what those gloves look like!
    Hope your boots work out ok?!
    After your comment about the juke box on day 2or 3 , it’s such a shame you don’t like country music. It would make such a great soundtrack to your walk!
    Songs like ‘On the road again’
    I can’t wait to get on the road again
    Seeing things that’s I’ve never seen
    Seeing things that I’ll never see again.
    I can’t wait to get on the road again
    Willie Nelson
    Or maybe it should be The Proclaimers and
    I will walk 500 miles! Xx

    • Maybe Lobo “Me and you and a dog named Boo … back on the road again”. Country music’s greatest moment for me was the very start of “Five Easy Pieces”, the late Tammy Wynette, Stand By Your Man. Such a good film. You’d hate it

  3. 2saunter

    Healthy Feet don’t list blisters as an area of expertise. Otherwise they may be a ‘hobble-in clinic’. Hopefully you won’t need their services!

    • Hello you two! That is so funny, a hobble-in clinic! Don’t I know about blisters … I’m eternally grateful to Marie’s cousin in France who treated my dreadful feet and saved my Via Francigena.

  4. Tassie Kaz

    Hi Tim,
    Just had a catch-up of your posts; I didn’t realise how quickly I’d fallen behind…luckily my walking doesn’t pan out the same way…
    Enjoyable reading as always, certainly takes us along with you.
    Hope the footwear issue is now resolved. As walkers we know, if the feet ain’t right, ain’t nuthin’ else right!

    I do have to comment about the digs at Fosters… Although not a beer-of-any-kind drinker, there’s been many an occasion where a Fosters sign has made an Antipodean feel less further away from home; it’s like the Qantas tail…something only other Aussies 🇦🇺would understand. 🤗
    Enjoy your rest day…look forward keeping up with your next updates!
    Gambatte 🥾🎒

    • It’s so true about your feet. I’m very confused about my wet feet. Lowa boots have a too reputation, extremely well made and I can’t see how water could have got in except through the boot itself. I didn’t submerge them but I don’t see why the Goretex would break down in both boots at the same time after so little use. Perhaps I should repeat the last walk with my new boots and see what happens.

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