Day 9 – A Reservoir

Overfingland to Moffat, 31Km

I’ve spent the past three nights on a sheep and cattle farm on the edge of Sanquhar (“Sanker”) and I wasn’t impressed when I arrived. Contours suggested my room would be at the front with great views over the hills but it wasn’t. I was at the back on the ground floor with great views of the cowsheds. Frances said it was better because it would be colder. It faced a direction that the sun only touched on the summer solstice. She left the window open all day and when I arrived, the air in the room and the air in the cattle yard were one and the same. I decided to close the window for the duration. Fortunately I didn’t send my lengthy list of complaints to Contours.

Frances told me her story, how she runs the farm starting at 5am, how she breeds the sheep and the prizes she’d won, how her father had to save until he was 60 to buy the farm and then married her mother who was blind, how she inherited the eye problems so was blind in one eye and only had partial vision in the other, how she’d never been anywhere except to London once to collect third prize in a British tourism award. And on she went, this woman in her late seventies, who looked after me so well, who fed me and washed my clothes. It reminded me of some of the places I stayed in Shikoku. It was a unique experience.

The taxi returned me to Overfingland (another place which doesn’t exist) and today the weather was bright and sunny with unlimited visibility. I could see yesterday’s spectacular walk and was tempted to repeat it. Yesterday was just the ground going up and down. I had walked past a large Air Traffic Control station on the summit of Lowther Hill without realising it was there.

By comparison, today’s walk was dull. A large reservoir dominated the morning. I walked along the 1Km dam which was opened by the Queen in 1956. I lost my way. An idiot thought one of the way markers was pointing the wrong way and wrote the correction on the post. I agreed with him but he was wrong and it cost me 3Km before I had to backtrack.

After the reservoir and another wind farm display, I entered a forestry plantation, some of which had been cut down, making it look like a bad hair cut. The only human interest was a man waiting for his group of kids doing their Duke of Edinburgh challenge. Had I seen them?

Coming Next: Three Days to Melrose

A synchronised display of wind powered electricity generation
The waymarker is right
That’s the dam ahead
The Lowther Hill ATC station (centre) which I couldn’t see yesterday
A sheep
A butterfly
The only nice bit this afternoon
Note a very rare sign acknowledging the E2

7 comments on “Day 9 – A Reservoir

  1. Oh dear Tim, I do not envy you the view and smell of the cowshed at all. However, Frances sounds like an interesting woman who has led a difficult but fulfilling life in her own way. Some people are fascinating to listen to.

    • It’s the best part of these walks, meeting such special people.

  2. Walkmag

    Enjoying how you keep it real. March on Soldier 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

    • Everything is real and nothing is real when walking. I love your comments

  3. Great reading Tim. Still envious….. Tim

  4. Rebecca Wilkinson

    Did you correct that idiot’s “correction”?

    • I didn’t have a pen. I bet that person felt stupid when their mistake became clear

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