Day 27 – Loch Lomond

Drymen to Rowardennan, 26Km

I liked Drymen. My B&B was centrally located between The Drymen Inn and the “top rated” Clachan Inn. There was a Spar food store across the road and a bakery/cafe on the corner. I had already phoned ahead to reserve my spot for dinner at the Drymen Inn which is now mandatory and I decided to go there for a welcome drink because my room wasn’t ready. I returned for dinner and then had breakfast there because the B&B subbed it out to them. By then we were all on first name terms. If I moved into Drymen, I would probably just buy the place and live upstairs.

Today’s walk had none of the charms of yesterday’s walk. It looked pretty. First there was a big climb up Conic Hill with a hazardous descent. Conic Hill is a watershed which marks the official start of the Scottish Highlands. I passed two couples who were weighed down with tents but that was about it for the day. Lots of holiday makers along Loch Lomond but nobody I recognised from yesterday. The path looked as if it was going to run along the shoreline but it climbed and descended the valley sides like a thing possessed. A thoroughly unpleasant experience.

I’m staying at the Rowardennan Hotel which has a prime position on the shores of Loch Lomond and it’s packed with holiday makers. The restaurant is offering pizza, burger or southern fried chicken and I’m wondering whether to nip back to Drymen.

Lovely start to the day as the West Highland Way heads for Conic Hill
Conic Hill
After Conic Hill, it looks like a stroll along the shores of Loch Lomond

2 comments on “Day 27 – Loch Lomond

  1. Give the haggis a try. Maybe there’s a vegan option. Are you about half way now?

    • Probably around half way assuming I get to the finish. Isn’t haggis vegan? What have I been eating?

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