Day 38 – The Troll Bridge

Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit, 23Km

Today’s walk was a continuation of yesterday’s lovely walk, high on the Great Glen above Loch Ness. There were more great views of the Loch and surrounding hills and plenty of interest along the path. The weather is warm and settled, the sun is shining and no rain is forecast for the rest of the week. It’s difficult to believe you could enjoy a dry, midge free summer in Scotland.

The first climb of the day took me up a hill called Meall Doire Bhrath, 330m. It featured an impressive piece of landscape art called the View Catcher, made from local Caledonian Pine branches, woven together to capture the stunning views. I liked this one.

The next challenge was the Allt Saigh and the only way over this raging torrent was the Troll Bridge. There are few things more unsettling to the walker than to come across a Troll Bridge in an enchanted forest. This one dates back to 2014 and the wizards and witches of Glenurquhart Primary School heaped spells and curses on all who cross the bridge with their dark poetry and sinister drawings. I closed my eyes, covered my ears and ran across as fast as I could.

Next came the highest point of the Great Glen Way, Creag Dhearg, 415m and then it was downhill all the way to the pottery. A pottery? Yes, there in the middle of nowhere was a pottery. Two ladies with spinning pottery wheels and large mounds of clay making pots, cups and bowls etc. They also offered tea and cakes to tired walkers. I settled down with some green tea and a slice of pineapple and whisky fruit cake and we talked about the wild beauty of Caithness (see next week). A couple arrived and they told me that the Great Glen Way is their first long walk. Without so much as an introduction, they said, “By the way, Rose is looking forward to walking up the coast with you”.

Climbing Meall Doire Bhrath
The Viewcatcher, made from Caledonian Pines
A former conifer plantation
Troll Bridge curses
The Troll Bridge from a safe distance
Captivating view of Loch Ness from the rugged slopes of Creag Dhearg
All quiet in the Loch this morning
Another fungi

5 comments on “Day 38 – The Troll Bridge

  1. As long as the pottery ladies don’t start playing Unchained Melody, I’m sure you’ll be fine. [Assuming you have seen Ghost].

    • I don’t remember ever seeing Ghost but I can remember The Righteous Brothers singing it back in the 1960s. But the pottery ladies weren’t playing it so hopefully I’m good

  2. A troll bridge and spinning pottery ladies in the enchanted forest with pineapple & whisky cakes….just what one would expect in Scotland

  3. Now Tim, I really thought you were braver than that when it came to trolls! I would expect horns down, ready to strike!
    Love the troll poems and the fungi.

    • I thought you’d like the artwork. Very menacing. My Loch Ness photo was genuine. No digital trickery!

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