Day 40 – A Day in the New City

Rest day in Inverness

I booked a rest day here in Inverness because it seemed like a good idea. No doubt there are a lot of nice things to do in Inverness but I missed them. I could tell you about the New City launderette or perhaps the coffee shop. If I had known that the sun would be shining I would have pressed on. Anyway it’s good to have some time to prepare for the next stage into the far north of Scotland and I’ll just say a few words about it.

Ahead of me are the three counties of Easter Ross, Sutherland and then Caithness. This part of Scotland is sparsely populated because it’s mountainous and boggy. However, the coastal strip has many settlements which supported the former herring industry so there is much of interest in addition to the dramatic scenery.

It will take a day or two to reach the coast and then it’s straight north to John O’Groats. The trail was conceived in 2015 to divert walkers coming from Land’s End away from the dull and dangerous coastal highway and onto the exciting and dangerous cliff tops. It only exists on the map and there are many hazards and obstacles along the way so it will be more a case of feeling the way rather than following it for the next 11 days. But Orkney awaits at the end.

A pedestrian bridge over the River Ness
It was supposed to be a selfie

5 comments on “Day 40 – A Day in the New City

  1. Sophie

    I’m glad you took my tip and visited Greig Street but I’m sad you didn’t take a selfie there so we could stick our photos together!

  2. How wonderful to have a street named after you.

  3. Even better that it is spelt correctly!

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