Day 27 – Vomp Again

Vomp, sick day

I got a bad soaking on Day 23 from Lofer, mostly wet feet because my waterproofs kept me reasonably dry. By the time I reached Soll I was feeling ill with all the symptoms of a bad chill. It didn’t affect walking but by evening I was wrecked. I wanted to reach Innsbruck today where Starbucks were on standby but this morning the red traffic light said Stop. The hotel kindly provided some free LF tests but as expected it was negative. Never mind the bright lights of Innsbruck; I have another night in Vomp.

Sunday night in Vomp was typical Austria: everything was closed, even the hotel bar. The hotel provided me with free beer and a leaflet from Hunger Hotline. I called the number, expecting counselling but got a burger and salad delivered to the hotel.

At 11.00 this morning I ambled down to Schwaz, a 23 minute stroll in a light drizzle. My quest was McDonalds, specifically the McCafe which would be a great concept if they could separate it from the hamburger operation. Nearby was a house completely covered in those exaggerated Christmas decorations which look ridiculous even in December. A large train track looped around the house and smaller ones were on the balcony. Well, just look at the photos.

Just imagine living next door
Good fun in December though
The Hotel Vomperhof really knows how to care for a sick pilgrim. Goulash soup. Delicious

18 comments on “Day 27 – Vomp Again

  1. Get well soon Tim 🤧 😁

    • Thanks Mike. The only definite is that I’ll be in Oberammergau on Sunday. I’ve booked a flexible flight home on 27 June BA from Zurich Club Europe, 50p plus Avios and departure tax. If it wasn’t for the Passion Play I’d be more tempted by the twice weekly EJ service, tomorrow from Innsbruck

  2. Cath G

    Glad the hotel found you some restorative soup and beer! Take care .

    • The hotel is really great. Hopefully I’ll be ready to resume walking in a day or two. Great to hear from you and you must both come to Sandown this winter

  3. Take care Tim and don’t rush back to walking – you can always take a train or bus from Vamp to Innsbruck

    • Thanks and yes there is a very short train journey to Innsbruck but where possible I always walk. I love that walk of yours today.

  4. Mary Kirk

    Tim, hope you feel better very soon – I thought “vomp” was a description of how you were feeling, a combination of vomit and malady. xx

    • It’s certainly an odd name

      • You’re right, Roger. What I really need is a few days or years in an Alpine sanatorium like The Magic Mountain

  5. Roger Clarkson

    Hope you are feeling better. Perhaps you need a holiday in the mountains?

  6. So sorry you are feeling poorly Tim. Hope the goulash soup puts a spring back in your step.

  7. Walkmag

    Hope the Vomp is short

  8. Tassie Kaz

    Ahh….so the Universe stepped in to make you stick to your original plan for your Innsbruck arrival date.
    What is an LF? Is that what we call a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) for Covid?
    Hope you’ll soon be back fighting fit & soldiering on.
    Take care 🤗

  9. Philippa T

    Best wishes for a quick recovery Tim so that you can enjoy walking again soon. Meantime goulash soup sounds like a perfect antidote to the chills!

    • Thanks Philippa the goulash soup is the perfect pick me up. Back on the way

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