Day 29 – The Mountains are getting Bigger

Innsbruck to Rietz, 33Km

Rietzer Hof, 77 euros

I was up and away quite early this morning because there was no breakfast included in the hotel price. I grabbed a takeaway coffee from a nearby cafe and a croissant from the baker shop and walked straight to the St James Cathedral for a quick photo. The Cathedral is closed for the summer for redecorating. After that I headed along the Inn (see photo above) straight to the airport which runs right across the Jakobsweg. I therefore had a long detour around the perimeter but there were lots of locals out running to keep me company.

The occasional single engine plane took off, otherwise it resembled Heathrow during the lockdown. My phone route took me on a very long detour over and under some major highway intersections while the signed route (which wasn’t signed at the critical point) found a short cut along the riverside cycle way. But then the signed route took to the hills while I stayed on the cycle way and won back the lost kilometres. I much prefer the cycle ways because they are busy with cyclists who wave and shout greetings and some even stop for a chat. The Jakobsweg prefers to drag you up the hills and lead you through insect infested dank wooded paths. It doesn’t fully appreciate there are 2330 Km to Santiago and a pilgrim hasn’t time or inclination to go hiking all over the place.

I made a mistake coming to Rietz. Booking.com said it was Very Good and the reviews mentioned the excellent restaurant with the local cuisine etc.. Once I paid, the truth came out. It’s only staffed in the morning and the restaurant has been closed since lockdown, except for functions of which there is one this evening. A lot of people are eating and drinking below my window. There is no restaurant or shop here in Rietz, nor any delivery service, so I had to pay 5 euros to take the train to the nearest Spar supermarket. Most of the accommodation in Austria has been excellent but some less so.

On the plus side there’s a chilled beer cabinet, I had a good walk, the hay is almost done and I’m closing in on Switzerland. The mountains are getting bigger…..

Take off from Innsbruck
Stud farm
Oh yes, back on the Cycle Way, this one is No 14
Day out
Final stages of hay making
The fun bit

6 comments on “Day 29 – The Mountains are getting Bigger

  1. Just join in the next ‘function’ you come across, to get a square meal. “Ich bin bei Herr Schmidt” should get you into most places. Or, failing that, just tell the truth that you are a very hungry Pilgrim!

    • I tried both approaches without success but at least I didn’t starve

  2. Philippa T

    Lovely photos Tim, especially the river backed by the colourful houses (reminiscent for me of walking out of Molinaseca, but these are more beautiful, backed by the glorious mountains)!

  3. Huguette Charaudeau

    Bravo Tim
    33kms after you catched a cold.
    You are in good shape and still young.
    I enjoy photos about hay and cows. Those remember me good memory.
    About cows I hope you carry good chocolate for Mandy 😉.
    Sorry for m’y english comment, the journeys in England miss us😭

    • Salut Huguette, Mandy attend avec impatience un bon chocolat au lait autrichien, ou plus probablement suisse. Les photos de la fabrication du foin sont toujours très satisfaisantes, surtout avec les râteaux

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