Day 34 – Two Summits Coming Up

Oberammergau to St Anton, 3 busses and 3 trains, 49 euros

Hotel Rundeck in St Anton

The Oberammergau Passion Play continued after dinner yesterday, as day turned into night in the Bavarian Alps. I wondered how they would fill the two and a half hours (plus 15 minutes added-on time) and I’m not sure I can say. Daylight faded and I gave up trying to read my English text.

On and on it went. The choir sung, camels appeared from nowhere, more sheep and one of the horses returned. Several Old Testament presentations were sung and the familiar sequence of events followed, culminating in Pilate washing his hands of the whole situation and the dramatic crucifixion and resurrection.

Phew! It was a spectacle. The final scenes were breathtaking and you understand why people come from around the world to experience it and to be part of the history. For those of you coming in September, bring one of those LED book lights and perhaps some warm socks.

Today’s return journey to St Anton am Arlberg was as bad as the outbound journey. I set off at 08.38 and arrived at 15.00 to cover a distance of less than 100Km as the crow flies. Except crows don’t fly over the Alps. We changed busses in Garmisch Partenkirchen and Mittenwald where almost every German policeman was in uniform and on duty, ready for the G7 summit later this week.

Tomorrow I have my own summit as I must cross the Arlberg massif and the great European watershed. There will be no bus replacement service.

Sealing every drain cover
St Anton am Arlberg in low season. This place will be buzzing in winter and the hotels unaffordable. Tonight it’s mine
Some Alpine cheese

8 comments on “Day 34 – Two Summits Coming Up

  1. Roger Clarkson

    The Alpine chough is from the same family as crows, you might see some.

    • I wish I knew more birds. It sounds like the chough would have flown back today very quickly

  2. A fabulous skiing area, make sure you have the famous currywurst before you go. There’s always breakfast if too late tonight.

    • Thank you but it’s probably the last thing I’d have before today’s climb!

  3. Tassie Kaz

    Hi Tim,
    Glad I saw the OPP pics before you deleted them. Hats off to you for making it through…although I still can’t quite tell if you thought it was worthwhile all things considered…incl transport hassles.
    Wow…incredible lengths taken in the name of security these days.
    Enjoy your watershed moment! 🤗

    • It was definitely worthwhile. Would I still go if they made an English language version and played in Weybridge?

  4. Whew I’m glad that you made it through the play and that the ending was so spectacular. A once in a lifetime experience for sure. And the alpine cheese is all vacuum packed and ready to travel!!

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