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Day 12 – End of Stage 2

10 out of 44 walking days completed
more Basque hills
you can work out what this means
San Sebastian – the perfect seaside resort
quaint old town bar
now that’s what I call tapas
San Sebastián. Another delightful walk over the Basque hills in warm spring sunshine. At one point my path was closed but Google suggested a detour adding just 12 minutes. 

I came to San Sebastián on a school trip in 1966. Believe me, it’s a strange feeling to return somewhere after 50 years. I remember it quite well. 

Does anyone know if San Sebastián has been discovered? It’s a real gem of a seaside town with a quaint old town and miles of golden sandy beaches. The bad news is that, once again, I’m crippled with a blister (other foot). I may be here for some time. 

2 comments on “Day 12 – End of Stage 2

  1. Looks fab Tim, we will message you tomorrow from the Jolly Farmer!

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