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Day 13 – San Sebastián rest day 1

A day of idle wandering around the old town, lurching from one coffee with milk to the next. The church of St Mary of Assumption is impressive, particularly the painting of St Sebastián’s martyrdom which hangs above the main alter. Worth the 5 euro admission charge. Unfortunately the days of candles in churches in Spain has passed. 

Lunch today was fish soup, hake and chips, rice pudding and red wine. There are so many restaurants, tapas bars and food shops here. It’s quite unlike anywhere I’ve seen before in Spain. 

St Mary of Assumption
the main alter and the painting of the martyrdom of St Sebastian
this seems to be a European city of culture 2016
it’s all about the fish
in the distance is the giant Sacred Heart statue which dominates the town (see tomorrow)

3 comments on “Day 13 – San Sebastián rest day 1

  1. Sounds such hard work!

  2. Tim did you realise that you’re going the wrong way? You should have turned right off the boat.

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