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Day 15 – Farewell to San Sebastián 

I left San Sebastián soon after sunrise to start the next stage to Pamplona. A long walk straight over the Basque hills with little to look forward to on the way. 

Breakfast at a typically plain cafe in a small town but the lady behind the bar guessed I am doing the Camino and shook my hand which was very touching. I have seen a few Camino signs already and they will soon be everywhere. 

San Sebastian early this morning
Hernani civic centre and Basque flag
Andoain, another nice little town on today’s walk

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2 comments on “Day 15 – Farewell to San Sebastián 

  1. Going the right way at last! Did you get a chance for an early morning swim, it looks lovely…?

  2. Sort of. I really need to get to Pamplona before I can say that. Actually it’s just occurred to me that today I’m crossing a less well trodden Camino route from Irun in France which joins the main Camino further west. That would explain the signs. A couple of French pilgrims have just checked into the lobby.

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