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Day 14 – San Sebastián rest day 2

Impossible to travel in Spain without visiting the churches. I started today in the cathedral. Nothing noteworthy. 

I walked up the hill to the Sacred Heart statue which dominates the city and can be seen 4 miles out to sea. This was quite important to me because I have no photos from my previous trip owing to a defective camera but now my iPhone has done its job. 

Next stop was the church of St Vincent which had the normal x rated pictures and displays which are always a focus for prayer in the Catholic Church. 

Another stomping lunch followed by siesta and now watching City receiving a good thrashing down the road. I took some octopus in my evening tapas selection; the people of Spain endured a bleak 20th century but things are improving beyond recognition and that must be good news for the local octopus population. 

Sacred Heart statue
St Vincent church
blurry octupus tapas

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