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Day 17 – Over The Hills Of Navarra

These hills of Navarra would be a lot of fun in a car. 

Heavy heavy clouds have been hanging low in the sky. 

My landlady gave me a hearty breakfast and sent me on my way with the promise there would be no rain today. She was right but it was the closest I’ve come to rain so far. 
I’m now in Irurtzun after a long 26km walk but I can feel Pamplona, tomorrow’s destination. Hemingway and all that. Just 20km away. 

just look at those clouds over Betelu this morning
more wild and remote scenery in Navarra today
Irurtzun car fun by my hotel

2 comments on “Day 17 – Over The Hills Of Navarra

  1. Wonderful wine area have you sampled the Navarro pinot noir

    • It truly is a wonderful wine area and it’s mandatory to drink it with lunch and dinner. In fact it’s included in the price. I love it.

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