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Day 22 – For Whom The Bell Tolls

A really nice hostel last night with a decent bar right outside. However the village church next door kept chiming the hour and half hour all through the night so I hardly slept and when I did I had dreadful nightmares (the tolling bell and somebody snoring nearby). 

Today was a rainy walk through more beautiful Navarra countryside and vineyards. It was almost a coffee free day due to the lack of any enterprising villagers. And lunch was a last minute crisis before the restaurant closed for the day. Positively ate my last flan, thanks Julian for the dessert menu. 

Puente la Reina

No wifi so will add more pics another time 

5 comments on “Day 22 – For Whom The Bell Tolls

  1. Vineyards?? Shall we expect no reports for a couple of days?

    • No, the wine has been flowing since I arrived. This morning I drank from a free wine fountain in a monastery. Pic to follow

  2. Peter Mastenko

    Sounds an amazing journey. I will do it sometime, but probably by bike! Standing at the Proms will be a doddle for you…assuming the blisters have healed in time!

    • It’s a very popular bike ride too. Lots of people do it by bike. Julian has secured my full season ticket but who knows what condition my feet will be in. I may have to keep walking around the Albert Hall

      • Peter Mastenko

        I’ve secured a second half season ticket. Good luck for the rest of the walk!

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