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Day 21 Westward Ho!

For the first time on my Camino I’m heading west toward Santiago. And for the first time I can discard my plans and navigating needs and join the inexhaustible flow of pilgrims along the way. Chaucer could have followed up his epic with a fitting sequel of the Santiago Tales. 

This Camino Frances opens up its heart to you. I met a couple of Australians who have travelled here to walk it. Also Canadians, Irish, Brazialians, Americans, Europeans…. I’m just waiting to meet the first Brit. 

I’ve teamed up with Manfred from Bavaria who is recently retired. He won’t admit to supporting Bayern but he sets a decent pace and likes the local beer. Also he has walked the Camino several times and knows all the best hostels. 

It’s funny how many people have walked to Santiago more than once. Rather like reading War and Peace 

Camino Frances
looks a lot like Chaucer (that’s me)
Manfred in a little village coffee shop

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