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Day 25 – La Rioja 

I never thought I’d walk again after the past couple of days of walking on one foot but my right foot was back in action today for a decent march into La Rioja. 

Now we are in Navarrette with a dozen familiar faces and we occupied the local bar all afternoon. The sun is shining. 

Sunday brunch in Logrono
Welcome to La Rioja
Navarette church
Sunday afternoon in Navarette

2 comments on “Day 25 – La Rioja 

  1. Aha! I’ve tracked you down at last, Tim. Being the technophobe that I am, I had to try endless variations of Tim Greig, Spain, Pligrim, blog and blisters via Google to find your site. Have now read through from Day 0 to Day 25. It looks amazing and you sound upbeat despite the abused feet. I’ll take a look in on you regularly now that I’ve worked out how to do so. Keep on going! Vikki x

    • Hi Vikki it’s very good to hear from you. My blog might give the impression that this is non stop fun but every step is hell and I mostly spend my spare time praying in the churches. So all words of encouragement are very much appreciated. Was it the blister search that worked in the end?

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