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Day 27 – Castille

Shame to pass through La Rioja so quickly although much wine was consumed. Now it is Castille for a few weeks. 

Early start today with an excellent croissant and coffee for a 26 Km walk to the remote village of Redecilla which has just one bar serving a very ordinary dinner, fish and salad, no chips or potatoes at any price. 

All the vineyards have vanished and have been replaced by fields of wheat. 

best croissant so far
Camino feet
Approaching Castille

8 comments on “Day 27 – Castille

  1. Are those swarms of mosquitoes hovering? Otherwise looks fab!

  2. Should have asked for a curry and poppadums’ lol

    • Even if I spoke Spanish. Absolutely no curry houses in Spain.

  3. Calum McLean

    Hey Tim, I should get straight back to the wine growing areas if I were you: cheap plonk and lots of tapas would seem reasonable compensation for the ol’ blisters. Looks great though (very envious…) Have fun, Calum

    • Thanks Calum, good advice. I wish Spain had a potato growing region.

  4. Business opportunity there, curry and chips and a constant supply of pilgrims. Wonder how much a field for growing the spuds would cost?
    Doing any push-ups and tricep dips to balance out the lower body workout?

    • Well spotted. Spanish restaurant scene overdue an overhaul. Last night complete joke. Dozens of starving hungry pilgrims and one restaurant in town refuses to open until 7.30. We’re lining up and rush in like a plague of locusts as the doors are thrown open. Spain needs to consider customer wishes rather than tradition now and again. As for spuds I’m sure they eat plenty but just refuse to serve them to hungry Brits.
      No gym work at all. Will take awhile to get back to a couple of push-ups

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