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 Day 28 – Warming up

The temperature is rising, a taste of the summer heat to come. A steady 24 Km today; just 38 Km to Burgos. Tonight’s hostel costs just 5 euro and has nice showers but has around 40 people per dorm. I’ll probably get myself off to sleep counting the bunks. 

The local bar has a pilgrims menu costing 10 euro featuring rabbit or deer stew so I thought I’d get today’s blog written early just in case. 

storks nests are a very commom feature on the church towers
the municipal hostel in Villafranca Montes de Oca, 5 euros
Pilgrims menu 10 euros in the bar over the road
tasty deer stew (venison). note no potato

local wine

4 comments on “ Day 28 – Warming up

  1. Venison? How the other half lives!

  2. Julian

    You should have taken sachets of Cadbury’s Smash to rehydrate under the table while waiting for the protein to arrive. For carbs go for starters like tortilla (potato omelette), lentejas (lentils), garbanzos (chickpeas), or fabada (haricot beans). Do try the morcilla (black pudding) in Burgos: to miss it would be like going to Yorkshire and not trying…

    • Great advice as ever, Julian. Do you fancy doing a few Kms with me? I love the lentils but I need green veg for my starter otherwise I will get scurvy. I’ve learnt to snatch the bread as the waiter creeps up to snatch the bread bowl.

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