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Day 31 – Burgos sights and sounds

Great evening yesterday when I spotted our 4 Canadian friends who have featured on previous blogs, most notably a drunken Sunday afternoon in Navarrette. We ate one of the best meals I’ve yet eaten in Spain (including the enticing black pudding, Morcilla). 

I slept for a thousand years last night. So it was a late breakfast in a delightful cafe near the hotel. Burgos is a wonderful city, another ideal long weekend. It’s a joy to spend a rest day here. 

I also had a reunion with Jenny from Dresden whom we met in Azofra a few days ago. At that point she was just starting her Camino, full of energy. Now she is suffering an inflamed knee and the hospital told her to rest for 10 days. So her next stop is a bus to Leon and a more relaxed plan. 

Jenny from Dresden

Burgos is all about the Cathedral. My 13th century predecessors would have been overwhelmed. And so are we. No words of mine can describe it so why not just jump on Easyjet and see it for yourselves. 
I’ve just returned from another fine meal with the Canadians. And I had tea with 2 Spanish ladies who  remembered me from an earlier Camino stop. But it’s off on the next stage towards Leon tomorrow. 

Statue of El Cid
I always pay attention to the footwear worn by the saints
again, good shoes
the final resting place of El Cid, Burgos Cathedral
girl on a motorcycle outside Burgos Cathedral
Calamari lunch
dinner with my Canadian friends (Richard, Patricia, Jane & Deidra)

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