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Day 30 – Burgos

Much to Manfred’s disgust, I’ve checked into a 4 star hotel for 2 nights. Ahead of me in the check in queue was a young couple who were asked if they wanted one or two beds (one bed was never an option in years gone by). They are from Minnesota and walking the Camino. We had a moment of reflection about the hostels while the hotel scrambled to get the rooms ready (I guess the aroma of pilgrim was a little rich). Anyway everything is now washed and I nicked a few extra shower gels from the chambermaid as she fled down the corridor. 

I have also uploaded photos for the previous two days. 

i thought I’d gone back to the start for a moment
more storks

Burgos sights tomorrow 

1 comment on “Day 30 – Burgos

  1. Don’t go tilting at any windmills!

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