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Day 33 – 31 more kilometres 

There were 25 of us for the Paella dinner last night. It is the only way to eat it. 

I had an early start this morning to walk 10km just to reconnect with Manfred and then a further 21km. It was a lovely walk, rich with wild flowers and endless fields of wheat. It’s all about getting some Kms on the clock for now. 

Hornillos del Camino good morning
early start
Hontanas bar
poppies everywhere

making hay while the sun shines
a master craftsman making my sandwich
here it is
Itero del Castillo

2 comments on “Day 33 – 31 more kilometres 

  1. “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” but it doesn’t, it falls mostly in the northern mountains (interesting fact?), heavy hail here.
    Somewhere there is a long straight bit that I walked for most of a day as the wind was too strong to make any progress on the bike.
    Was Burgos as noisy as I remember it? A student town with partying into the small hours?
    Hope the feet and everything else is holding up.

    • Yes that sounds like Burgos. I enjoyed it. Feet going well now, fingers crossed

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