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Day 34 – it’s 1972 

Yesterday’s slog continued for another unremitting 23 Kms to the village of Villarmentero de Campos and the Albergue which is stuck in 1972, Holland or Denmark. The staff seem to be pilgrims who have fallen in love with the place and stayed on as volunteers. Chickens and geese roam the gardens. Apart from the house, you can sleep in little huts, wigwams, caravans… The bar is playing Gregorian Chants of rock anthems and the walls are covered in graffiti.  Some pilgrims have arrived on horses. There is a legend of a young woman walking the Camino with her 3 year old daughter. Well, no surprise, she just arrived. She is at the bar ordering a vegetarian dinner. 

A Romanian girl from the USA whom I met last night is also here. She said “hey Mr London man, what do you think of this place?” She said she was going to spend awhile here. 

a place out of time
Ebola from Mali
dis-used Castille canal
robot pilgrim prefers my pole

Boadilla del Camino

Korean breakfast on the Meseta

2 comments on “Day 34 – it’s 1972 

  1. That wheelbarrow looks comfy, lol, wonder who the last person was to wake up in the trolly after mucho vino!

    • Fortunately not me. The life and journey of a supermarket trolley would make interesting reading

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