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Day 40 – Resting in Leon

The ideal rest day is to do very little. Not the case today. I’ve exercised the stomach more than was strictly necessary with a substantial breakfast buffet, one of the best ever Spanish lunches with my 4 Canadian friends, afternoon tea with my Hawaiian friend and then a lovely dinner with my Romanian friend. In between those engagements, I got a good soaking in the rain and conducted one or 2 tours of the Paradore, one of the must see places in Leon. 

I also visited the Cathedral, another 12th century gothic masterpiece with stained glass windows to rival the best (Chartres). And the Basilica Isodora with its long dead Kings of Leon in the vault. Plus a few queens. 

Parador 16th century staircase
Parador entrance
one of the kings
Leon Cathedral
Isodora vault with tombs of kings and queens “no foto”
Leon Cathedral, built in just 50 years
here we go again
I’m starting to like Octopus salad
Paradore cloisters

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