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Day 41 – In Hospital 

After another splendid buffet breakfast I set off on the next stage of the Camino. The temperature soon rose into the 30s and I marched along for 32 Kms passing the 4 Canadians sipping beer in a hostel’s garden, their day’s walk over. I eventually arrived at the oddly named Hospital de Orbigo. If you’ve read Don Quixote you will recognise this place. 

The snow capped mountains of Leon are increasingly dominant on the horizon and the path will take us through them over the next few days. 

I’m in a pleasant, new hostel with just 4 bunk beds in a room. One of the guys comes from Texas and answers all questions with a “Sir” at the end so I guess he might be in the marines. 

My iPhone is refusing to charge at the moment so this might be the last blog. I hope not.

today’s update

3 comments on “Day 41 – In Hospital 

  1. We hope not too 🙂

  2. You had me worried with that heading, lol. Cold and wet here today. Derby this Saturday!

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