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Day 42 – a short walk to Astorga 

Astorga Cathedral

I checked out of Hospital de Orbigo at 6.30 and headed out across the fields and passed a cow shed with milking in progress. There is always a village with a bar serving breakfast for pilgrims and I had my first coffee of the day with a croissant. Two ladies from England  joined me and we walked together. It’s quite rare to meet people from England on the Camino. 

We stopped at a little oasis in the middle of fields offering fruit juices, herbal teas and accommodation purely on a donation basis. A man and his girlfriend have been running this place for 7 years and he keeps a lamp lit in case any pilgrims pass during the night. 

It was great to finally catch up with Susangilbert.com in Astorga, who I first met just after Pamplona and has been just ahead of me ever since. She has a blog like mine but much more professional with all sorts of data downloaded from her Apple Watch. 

Joaquin from Brazil keeps appearing from nowhere
oasis of happiness

June but progress is clearly visible
and it’s thirsty work

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