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Day 44 – Into the Mountains of Leon 

I heard my first cuckoo while crossing the South Downs and they are present all the way along the Camino. We are crossing the mountains so the weather will be of interest for the next week. Heavy rain is normal. 

Today I’ve reached the beautiful village of Rabanal del Camino and the very special Albergue Gaucelmo. It’s run by the British charity called the Confraternity of St James and is a remarkable place, an old house with extensive gardens staffed by volunteers. Once we were settled they served tea and cake in the garden. Pilgrims are invited to make a donation for their stay. Several familiar faces are here and a pastor from Boston USA with her 3 beautiful daughters (sitting next to me in the photo). 

Some pilgrims are using a courier service to forward their backpacks between hostels but this place refuses to accept such people. 

*photos to follow when wifi available 

Camino cyclists

heading into the mountains

Albergue Gaucelmo
tea on the patio

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