Day 45 – Molina Seca

Another seductive name for a small town on the Camino. I passed several abandoned villages today but the small towns are thriving on the 250k pilgrims passing through every year. And they deserve it because they make a big effort to set up nice bars, good coffee and pastries, crusty sandwiches and healthy salads, served at reasonable hours. Every restaurant has a pilgrims 3 course menu with unlimited wine.

What a lovely Albergue last night. We attended evening Vespers at the Benedictine monastery before dinner. Breakfast was served this morning to set us up for the day. And just as well. I had barely left the village when the Camino turned into a rough mountain trail as we ascended to the highest point of all, 1515m before dropping over 900m in a perilous descent. 26 Kms walked today and when I removed my boots my right sock was red due to a leak in one of my toes. Fortunately it looked worse than it was; more mountains to come.

hard walking today
but wild flowers everywhere
sunrise over Rabanal del Camino
abandoned village
misty summit
Acebo coffee stop

2 comments on “Day 45 – Molina Seca

  1. You won’t be complaining about walking home from the Jolly Farmer in future then Tim!

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