Day 46 – Villafranca del Bierzo (End of Stage 6)

I am settled in the Paradore for a couple of nights and my few clothes are hanging up to dry in the wardrobe. Today’s walk was a complete contrast to yesterday’s hike, mostly on unforgiving tarmac and concrete.

It was a 32 Km challenge today, relieved only by a generous breakfast in Ponferrada by the castle. I met a nice large group of people from Rotherham who were on a 2 week walking holiday, cherry picking the best bits of the Camino. I would have skipped today’s section! Great idea.

After 27 Kms, I was mesmerised by endless vineyards and missed the poorly signed footpath off the road. Fortunately before long a passing cyclist stopped, fell off his bicycle and told me I was lost while lying in the middle of the road. He pointed to an electricity pylon some 250m back and indicated the path. His chain had detached from the gears and I felt a little bit bad until he sped past me with a cheerful wave.

I’m trying to keep in touch with old Camino friends who are now scattered along the way. The reliable Mr Brazil is here, came over and welcomed me to Villafranca as I crawled in this afternoon.

generous breakfast served with charm
innovative solution to the stork problem

lost among the vineyards
cherry trees everywhere and lots for sale

2 comments on “Day 46 – Villafranca del Bierzo (End of Stage 6)

  1. Hot and sunny here today. Went to the Derby start on Saturday, huge police presence. Had the 3rd ew. Martyn says ‘hello’. Are you getting addicted to walking yet?

    • Nice to get the 3rd. Handsome return. You have to hand it to the Aga Khan; he loses a bundle in Syria and then comes up with a Derby winner. Neat.

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