Day 48 – Onwards to Las Herrerias 

I’ve shaken off yesterday’s affliction but took it easy today. 21 Kms on more horrible tarmac. Met DJ (that really is her name) at a coffee stop and she told me wonderful stories about last night’s Italian dinner. It was a long coffee stop.

I booked a quiet little B&B at the end of the road for an early night. Tomorrow is one of the most challenging days and final hurdle of the Camino. It starts with 8Km climb of 600m (that’s 2 Eiffel Towers), 14Km across the top then 600m descent over 7Km. There are options to stop along the way but I hope to do the whole walk because it is plain sailing for the rest of the way.

My Canadian friends are a day ahead of me and have recommended pony trekking up the hill which they say is awesome. No doubt.
Good wifi at last. I’ll go back and add more photos later.

pilgrim on the outskirts of Villafranca
highways in the sky
sleepy Las Herrerias

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