Day 49 – Over the Mountain 

As expected, today was one of the toughest days for walking due to the steep ascents and descents over 29 Kms. But the scenery was wonderful, rolling lush green hills and rather too much sunshine.

I crossed into Galicia, the final province of Spain on my Camino and said goodbye to Castille. Today’s high point was O’Cebreiro at 1290m where I stopped for a coffee and to explore the little church. Mr Brazil was there as well.

In addition to vineyards and wheat there are also farm animals in the fields. I had a close encounter with a Galician viper on the path. It appeared from a wayside bush and stopped to confront me, it’s head raised and fangs dripping with poison. Fortunately my carbon tipped walking pole was swinging into view and the serpent chose to retreat into the long grass.

Lunch today was a cheese croissant, a large glass of orange juice made from oranges and a mini almond Magnum.

I’m staying tonight in a brand new hostel in Triacastela which is a mixture of dorms and single rooms. So, having showered and in desperate need of a large cold beer, I came out of my room only to bump straight into susangilbert.com whom I have caught up with again. A pleasant evening ensued with much wine and mixed salads consumed. We have decided to walk together tomorrow on a slight detour to the monastery of San Julian de Samos. It will be interesting to see how she copes with the vows of silence.

Tomorrow I’m staying for 2 nights in the Monasterio de la Magdalena in Sarria. 10 euros per night. I shall try to smuggle my iPhone in to continue the blog.

7am start for my day of crossing mountains
welcome to Galicia and goodbye Castille

this scene will soon be played out in Weybridge when I get home
lovely Galician landscape

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