Day 51 – Stuck in Sarria 

I’ve progressed from the Church to  the Bottle.  The reason is that the Church is locked but the bar is open. And just like a play, all the characters are assembled on the terrace of the bar under the midday sun. A French lady in a green baseball cap whom I’ve met before says Bonjour and my USA family are extolling the virtues of D Trump or it could be H Clinton. I can’t be sure.

I’ve not passed a less interesting town on the Camino than Sarria. What a poor choice for a rest stop. It is ideal preparation for Purgatory. At least I was able to make good progress through Brideshead Revisted.

In Act 2 DJ and SH arrived to finally cheer up my day and we ate Italian food for a change. Generally in Spain it is Spanish or cook your own.

my monastery in Sarria

2 comments on “Day 51 – Stuck in Sarria 

  1. Consider yourself lucky to have missed all the referendum waffle going on back here Tim. Sarria sounds a better option!

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