Day 6 – Aubrac Plateau, one of the most desolate, depopulated areas of France. 

I have really jumped into the deep end with this Via Podiensis. Having crossed the first set of mountains we are now starting the traverse of the fearsome Aubrac Plateau. “I” said “regard, la bas” and there was a dead sheep by the side of the path, 4 legs pointing skywards. It would have made a funny photo for the blog but in truth it was too sad and we walked on.

It’s high, it’s cold and it’s bleak. And wet. But then you see those white narcissuses just coming into flower or a field of purple flowers like shimmering sands on the Camino. At the edge of the forlorn village of St Alban (the first English Martyr) there was a little wooden display of notices which included a pilgrims song. I bought a jambon et fromage sandwich and a fresh croissant in St Alban. A little later there was a rare combination of a picnic table, a village square and sunshine for Le dejeuner.

“I” has prebooked all the best gites so tonight I’m in the Ferme du Barry in Aubron du Aubrac, the rain is lashing down as some of my previous room mates are still arriving. The waitress speaks absolutely no English but she seems to understand that something big happened last night in the English Midlands and is bringing one blonde beer after another in a spirit of unity which transcends these remote regions of our great continent.

The not to be experienced Gite Le Sauvage

The Chapelle St Roche. A kind lady was keeping guard so that pilgrims could visit. I lit a candle.

St Roche

Few pilgrims are walking all the way to Compostela but here’s a helpful sign.

The pilgrims song to be sung in the rain

Some pilgrims following but hoping we are not lost.

Stone roof. It speaks from a past time

2 comments on “Day 6 – Aubrac Plateau, one of the most desolate, depopulated areas of France. 

  1. Lovely lush grass. It will remind you of home in 6 weeks…..

    • Except this year my neighbour at No 1 has volunteered to cut it.

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