Day 9 – off the Aubrac and into the Lot River Valley. 

The temperature has soared into the high 20s as we descend into the Lot River Valley. It’s strange to think that only a week ago I was freezing in Le Puy, drinking coffee and wearing a down jacket.

Today’s walk climbed and fell steeply, passing through silent bright green woodland and out into open hills alive with the sounds of birds, insects and pilgrims. The cuckoo sings all the way along the Camino.

We pass through little farming communities with a mixture of abandoned buildings and some still occupied. At 10.15 we passed an old barn where an old man (see below) with a berret had set up his stall selling tea, coffee or orange juice. I love these local enterprises which owe their existence to the Camino. Everyone is happy to stop walking and savour the moment.

At lunchtime we also were lucky to stop at Muriel’s cafe, another property that by chance sits on the Camino. The owner has laid out a terrace with spectacular views over the Lot and into the distance.

This evening’s Gite (Le Jardin d’Eliane) is a world away from last night’s dump. Here, the young couple who own this large house in the beautiful village of Saint-Come-d’Olt have cooked us a splendid communal meal and they’ve washed all my dirty laundry.

The Japanese group are here too. Otherwise it is all French. I get the occasional sub title but it’s impossible for me to follow a conversation.

The 16th century bridge on the way out of Saint-Chely-d’Albrac this morning. It has a stone cross in the centre with a pilgrim holding a stick in one hand and a rosary in the other (below).


The white narcissus flowers are everywhere and they smell very nice.

The yellow Broom bushes are in full bloom all the way

More happy pilgrims in the woods

The Abbey in Saint-Come-d’Olt

The church with peculiar but intentional twisted spire in Saint-Come-d’Olt

7 comments on “Day 9 – off the Aubrac and into the Lot River Valley. 

  1. Looks glorious weather… I’m envious

  2. Communal comments will follow tomorrow from the Jolly Farmer! Keep up the good work!!

  3. huguette

    Hi Tim, we are admiring by your courage Tim. Mandy just sent me your website and i ‘m beginning to read it.
    I see that you appreciate the french wine, is it good for the blisters?
    Good luck and you can do a halt at Alencon when you come back..

    • Bonjour Huguette, et Merci pour vos commentaires. C’est génial d’avoir de vos nouvelles. Je m’amuse beaucoup à pied à travers la France ; un si beau pays.

    • Oh oui, le vin Français est très bon pour les ampoules, mais seulement si versé dans ma bouche.

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